Knowing when to say when

I had to quit in the middle of a project today. I was attempting to create more storage for my sustainer, and things were going okay. Then I realized my middle section was cut incorrectly. It was cut on an angle, and it had to be fixed. Unfortunately it threw alignment off otherwise and I just had to call it a day before things got frustrated.

I was attempting a bit of a shortcut anyway. I was trying to save a bit of money by using existing scrap and combining two different structures. Ultimately, the right thing to do is to buy more plywood and do it the right way. It will be more expensive, but I think it is the right thing to do.

All is not lost for what I’ve already made though. I was making a double section (three vertical pieces), and what I messed up was the middle one. I delete that and just do one section with the good outside pieces and I can use it. For what, long term, I don’t know. But it will work to hold systainers or drawers. I could eventually modify the width (it will not be glued) to serve as drawers to hold my Fastenal boxes. It may work itself out in the end, or I could just set it up like that from the start. I don’t currently have a pressing need to store more systainers, so it may work to do just that.

I’ll have to spend the next shop session cleaning up a bit. Then I’ll decide which immediate direction to go. A fresh supply of plywood will have to wait until payday.

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