First off, I’d like to give my thoughts and love to those affected by the quake and tsunami today.

About the ladder: I have to make this quicker than I’d like unfortunately, but it’s a pretty simple project – and very cheap, too.

I bought two 8’ 2x4s, the straightest and best I could find. I cut one down to about the length I needed, plus a few inches. I cut a 15 degree miter on one end, then started measuring for my mortises. I needed to have about a 10” height for each step, and wanted to make sure that was right. I took my drill press and a forstner bit and hogged out each mortise, finishing it up with a ½” chisel. These chisels had never been sharpened, so I got to use my Work Sharp for the first time. I loved the experience. I did the exact same thing on both sides.

I then cut my steps to length out of the 2×4 and then made the tenons on the table saw. In retrospect I should have made the tenons first and then cut the mortises, but it worked out. I cut the tenons a bit too short though and glueup was messy and unfortunately required some screws.

But, the (mostly) finished result is fine. A pass of 320 grit to compliment the 220 grit, and some finish and it’s all set. It’s nice and stout, too.

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