Late 2016 goals/wishes

Every so often I do this, and I don’t always know why. Sometimes I do it to keep me focused, sometimes I do it for retrospective purposes down the line. Sometimes I just do it to share what I’m thinking and what I feel I need to do next. This isn’t a shopping list or anything like that.

I’m still evaluating the Festool Trion, so I’ll have to decide if that ultimately stays. If it does, I’m good on my ability to crosscut rough stock. Between hand tools, a couple of jigsaws, the miter saw, the miter gauge on the table saw, and the track saw, I have to figure I’m good on all sorts of crosscuts. An additional hand saw or two wouldn’t be out of the question.

For rip cuts though I am deficient. For narrow stock the table saw can be a good option. For wider stock like sheet goods, it becomes a scarier prospect. What I could really use is one of the long rails that Festool sells. It is rather pricey at $300+, and you have to be creative in where you store it.I’d need to figure out storage before I even thought about it, but it is going to be a necessity at some point. I can’t always do crosscuts first on sheet goods.

I’d love helical heads on both the jointer and planer, but they aren’t necessary at this time.  It is on the radar though. The drill press could use a table and some storage. When the workbench gets redone, that will be my opportunity to add a face vise and redo the end vise. The hand tool cabinet really needs to be made, and I do have on my wishlist several Veritas planes.

There’s always a call for more parallel clamps, and I’d like to get at least one more set of Festool quick release clamps. The Ridgid sander needs some replacement parts. I need to whip up a homemade boom arm solution for the Festool vac, perhaps including a longer hose. There are a few lathe tools that I want to add, particularly of the carbide tip variety. Keep meaning to make my own. I want to add one of the Rotex sanders, perhaps two. A few different router bits are needed. More wet sharpening supplies.

This is really not a big list, appearances aside. I’m very happy with what I have, and feel like I can keep fine tuning things. There is some stuff that can only happen with a new shop though, and that’s when the list really expands and gets exponentially more expensive.

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