Laying it on the line

(Part of the Working in 144 series)

You wouldn’t think it would be this hard. Smaller space should mean less effort in a layout, but it’s exactly opposite. It’s awful. You have to worry about so many things in a smaller space, namely room to use the tools themselves. I constantly doubt myself and my layout.

I have two possible combinations I’ve come up with. I’ve used the same components, knowing what I need to get out of my storage. So in theory I could try one, then swap it out. One of my goals for my MSS was to incorporate storage for my hardware bins, but realized with the amount I had it didn’t make sense to design a major piece just for that. I’ll mount them on the wall or under my bench I suppose.

The first layout option is something that’s very familiar to me right now, because it’s basically what I have now.

I swap out the old MSS for the new one, and with the gained space I put the jointer near the door with the air compressor and separator partially underneath. I add a router table, and it’s basically done. No reinventing the wheel with this layout. I really haven’t had much problem with my current layout aside from not being able to put stuff out of my way.

However I like change. I like to move things around. I get an itch to see about an improvement. So that leaves us with option two.

What I’ve done here is move the bench to the opposite corner and have the miter station slide over one corner. Everything else just kind of finds a home. In the render I’ve moved the lathe out from the corner and front of the window. It can be in the corner as well, but I wanted to see how much more room at the entrance I could get. Also, I can put the vac and separator in that corner. That bit is undetermined.

What this layout does is give me room to move things out of the way where I want them and not where I don’t. Maybe. Looks a bit cluttered right around the router table and lathe, so I’m not completely sold on that layout yet. I do like that I can’t really put anything in front of the bench since that is the doorway. There’s also some minor details not changed in that render, like the new location of the clamps, etc. Long crosscuts at the miter saw are a problem as well.

I’ve tried a couple of other things, but it all seems to be a bit of a hash on the computer. I don’t quite yet know what my final design will be at this point, but these are the components that will be involved. Whatever happens I will be putting the wall-mounted scrap collection behind the miter saw. I have a bit of a variation on the second option where the layout is a bit cleaner, but I lose the option of putting the dust collection in the front right corner.

The final part of this series will talk about a couple of upgrades and how I’ll live with the space until I’m fortunate enough to increase the space.

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