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It’s been a bit since I made the big decision to put in permanent cabinets, and I thought I would give an update on how things are going.

With the systainer cabinets pretty much completely fitted out, the convenience is everything I had hoped for. I can get to all my Festools very easy, and the systainers I have put my own tools in are just as brilliant to use. I only have room for one or two more via longer drawer slides, but that really isn’t a concern anytime soon. I think my 2017 is going to be primarily focused on bringing hand tools up to scratch, if anything.

The shelves above the systainers are well used, if not well organized at this point. The counter for supporting miter saw work is brilliant, but I need to do a better job of keeping it clear to access my hardware bins. The right side just went in and is a nice companion. I also recently made some minor adjustments to where my screens are, and that was a big improvement. When I get some scrap out of the shop I will be able to make a good determination of the jointer can easily be used – I’ll have a need for it shortly.

The MFT is fine, but hampered by the scrap underneath. No changes for the workbench, and the router table and table saw function fine. It’s just that they are so big. Using the planer really taxes things, and I suspect it will be bad for the jointer. I can get to and use the bandsaw and drill press fine, but it is very tight. I am really at the limits of the shop, and while I am happy with my decisions, the strain is there in certain operations.

I still think it is most likely I will have to build a new shop of the same size, so that’s not something that excites me – stuffing the same stuff into the same space again. Even if I have more loft storage, that doesn’t help much with floor space. It certainly doesn’t allow me to add a drum sander or CNC. Perhaps dust collection. I need two more feet. Or four. Or eight.

What I think I will do is again play around with moving a select one or two items in Sketchup in my current size shop and just make sure that I wouldn’t gain anything. What I was thinking about was seeing how far the workbench would stick out into the doorway. I already only enter through the one door, and open up the other only when I need to cut long or wide stock on the table saw. This is only for posterity’s sake.

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