Leaps and bounds

I thought today would be one of those days where I just got a little bit done, but it turned out to be a very ambitious day. I have held off making the air compressor cabinet for now because the size wasn’t compatible. I have ruled it out for now. What I did decide to do was go ahead and move the dust collection to where I think it will go.

I moved a scrap bin of sheet goods out from under the saw extension to start with. This was where I planned to put the separator. To get it to fit, I also needed to remove the router from the router plate. Luckily the 21829 has a router table built-in, and is perfectly compatible with the 17543 router base. No drilling, no futzing. Just line the holes up and it’s done. Now the router is on the left side of the saw and the space under the right was clear for the separator. Next job was to retrieve the vac from it’s cubby. Since I had it out, I figured it would be a good time to check the filter. It was awful. My separator gets most everything but the fines, and those were caked on the filter. It is a HEPA, and it has done a great job. It’s supposed to be washable, but I just fired up the noisy compressor and aired it off. Messy, but it’s very nice and clean and I can tell the suction difference. It was all that MDF I cut with the TS55. The vac is sitting under the end vise on the bench as of right now. Unfortunately that means I can’t dampen the noise, but it’s fairly trivial: when the vac is on usually, so is a tool.

This is where I got very ambitious. Since the dust collection components were removed, I decided to get a whole section of the old MSS out of there. I removed the remaining four drawers and carted that big left-hand section outside. On top of it I stacked all the sheet goods I intend to destroy, the ones not suitable for attic duty. There it all sits tonight waiting for me to take care of hopefully this weekend. I may run everything through the table saw to keep the pieces consistent.

With only the old vac cabinet left I now have room to put the aircraft carrier against the wall out of the way. I had to rearrange the order of things due to some clearance issues, but the flip-top cart, the jointer, the compressor and the miter saw cart are all along that wall for now. When I move the two upper cabinets I can have a bit more flexibility. The bandsaw and the drill press won’t clear the bottom of those.

With the vac on the other side of the shop, I also had to relocate the power switch, which is now on the right side of the doorway.

I’m getting much closer to bringing the router table back, and I’m very happy about that.

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