Life outside the shop

I haven’t posted much recently because I haven’t done a whole lot in the shop. I built a couple of stage props, but those were done extremely quickly and I don’t feel like the quality is worth sharing anyway. I’ve been considering what to do about the workshop, and I’m about as stuck as I’ve ever been. I have a new riding mower, and would certainly like some secure and dry storage for it. For now it sits under a house. I’m still waiting to hear back from the planning commission as to what my options are. I could build a small thing for it and the rest of my yard tools, or build the new shop and use the old one for the yard.

I’m desperately trying to find things I want to do in the shop so I can get those good feelings back. I am taking an inventory of projects for the house that I’d like to do, or need to work on. Until my systainers get here there is no real use in looking for storage solutions for the shop.

So…I don’t know. I love being able to hit the shop and make or fix anything that comes up, but I’m a bit worried my next house project may tell the tale. It needs to look good, something I’m proud of. I don’t have a lot of time to do big projects lately, or at least it seems that way. I think I also don’t want to invest large quantities of money into raw materials that I’m not confident I can turn into good results. I shouldn’t really think that way with how I’ve improved and the quality of my last house project, but the feeling persists. Part of that may stem from not actually having finished the last project either. It won’t take a lot for me to finish, perhaps I should consider that a challenge for this week. I don’t know if I have what I need on-hand to finish it, but I could probably mark off one of the remaining three tasks.

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