Little by little

I got a few minutes out in the workshop before I decided to pack it in. I feel like I’m coming down with another cold either due to the temperature changes or allergies. I’m also not sleeping that great. All that equals me being very tired today. Hopefully I will sleep much better tonight and be ready to go again tomorrow.

One of the things that attributed to my sleeplessness was thinking about putting drawers in the miter saw cart. I went out today to at least see if I could get one of the drawers made, or move the sockets to a new shelf. Well it turns out that the old cabinet where the sockets and bit drawer was is about 3/4-7/8″ narrower than the new cart. I obviously couldn’t trim anything to fit, but the difference was the exact width of two sheets of hardboard stacked together. So I ripped 3/4″ strips off that hardboard and used them as spacers on the drawers. The fit was perfect. Even if this is just a temporary solution, it saves me the hassle of getting it done right now. I an also further evaluate if I want the drill and driver bits attached to the drill press and use that drawer for something else.

Moving those means the old sander cabinet is now essentially ready for disposal. I haven’t quite given up on making the air compressor quiet, so I think I’m going to have that contribute to making a sturdy garage. I’ll line it with the insulation I cut and make one more attempt at it. Even if it doesn’t work, I’ll simply remove the bottom piece of insulation and it will still serve the purpose of hiding and storing it. I’ll also gain a bit of storage space on top for something, and the HCM is a good candidate.

The next goal is to make that compressor garage. Again. Then we go from there.

Update – I do have to add the setup for the socket drawer is absolute perfection, thus I went for just modifying it to fit. The other drawer is just a drawer, but is good construction and is in good shape.

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