Little steps

I took Monday as an opportunity to step back and let myself regroup. I picked up one plastic bin from Home Depot, and a scrapbook container. I used the bin to put every single piece of loose dust collection I have, minus the two main hoses. The scrapbook container is now holding all my manuals. Those took up the majority of a drawer I still need to empty.

I removed the handles of three drawers that still have a significant amount of stuff in them and they now sit in the MS cart. It turns out they are a fraction of an inch less in length than the interior of the cart is wide. A near perfect fit. Two more drawers hit the scrap pile, another positive step.

I think I’ve decided to fill the MS cart with drawers in an attempt to keep at least a modicum of traditional storage. Bottom drawer for larger power tools. One drawer to keep the pencils and measuring, like before. The socket set will fit as well. Perhaps there will be room for one more drawer. That will be about the extent of what will fit, but it will replace most of the storage I lost. The router bit drawer will obviously have to chill until the router table is built.

The next step is to make these drawers. I am going to do the best I can to use the plywood scrap I have toward this. I will supplement with ply purchases as needed, but think I have enough to make the drawers I need. The next step is to eliminate the old sander/socket/drill bit cabinet. I’ll just have the drill bit drawer to do something with, and I can use the scrap from the cabinet to make storage for the drill bits on the drill press. Most of this is driver bits, and I do have a couple of containers. I think it will just be some simple shelves with those Dewalt containers and the other containers I have. Pretty simple, can be made in a day. Might grab a couple of those things tomorrow and know the dimensions I need.

With most of the drawers accounted for, the rest of the miter saw station comes down. It is at this point I can start on a sysport and the router table. It would be nice if I could get those done by summer.

I do feel better about it than I did on Sunday. There is a plan, it’s just a matter of executing it.

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