Little touches

With the shop layout pretty much set for now (and I do stress for now), I’m turning my attention to making small changes to various things to make life easier. Some of it is moving some little things around to where they would work best, some of it is just technique or usage.

First up, I’ve moved the new TV twice since I posted on it last. I made an actual, proper mount for it out of another piece of scrap ply. I counterbored holes big enough to get the appropriate size socket to tighten the bolts, and decided just to mount it to the wall via the plywood mount and a couple of screws. I put it next to the big cabinet, then underneath it, hoping to alleviate glare. When I sit, I usually do so in front of the bench or MFT, making this a reasonable decision. I also put my laptop on the bench when it’s just hanging out time, as I do continue to enjoy the chat feature on WTO. Doing so meant the chisel racks had to move ever so slightly. The result seems to be a bit less glare and a bit better wifi reception. Life will be better if I can find that dang Fire remote.

I think the wiring for the lights has to change again, back to original. As much as I enjoy the batteries, etc being on the left front wall, I think they have to go back over to the right. The reason for this is the TV and laptop. Being on/near the workbench, I have to run power over there to them, and I can’t do it on the same strip. If I use another of the long strips I use for the power tools, I can make it not be such of a headache. This isn’t something I’ve made a decision on, because it’s a pain in the butt until I buy more lights. The other result of this would be I’d have the ability to move the safety gear temporarily back on the wall from the door (stuff falling out) and the fire extinguisher as well. I’m concerned it will eventually fall off it’s hook on the door. Perhaps I can secure it better instead.

I am completely in love with the Festools. The biggest reason why is having the dust hose and cord together and easily hooking up all the tools. Something that I was looking to potentially upgrade was my main router. It is a great router, and I love it. But the dust collection was subpar, and the cord, while similar, isn’t the same. However, the usage was on the D-handle, so I tried out the plunge base that I hadn’t touched in ages. After finding the right screws I tested things out. The dust collection was actually rather good, and on the plunge the power cord lines up better with the hose. I think I can work with this. If I take small bites I can use the smaller Festool antistatic hose.

There’s a few more little improvements I see around the shop, more than can probably fit in one post. If I can accomplish these, perhaps I can be happy long term, no matter what the layout is. I may post more about specific items in their own posts.

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