Living Room Design – Progress

The shape that the living room ‘remodel’ project is becoming clearer by the day. Life is all about compromises, and it turns out I may not be building the Morris chair project after all. Or if I do, it may find a home other than that room.

After moving our current seating arrangements around, we discovered that we want a little bit different seating than I had planned for. The current route right now is to still make the furniture in an Arts & Crafts style, but modify the seating a bit. I would make a large modular couch with chaise lounges on either side. Basically, one wall of our room would be seating. The chairs/sofa would be on legs, so there would be storage space underneath. The regular sofa bit would have roll-out ottomans, and the chaises would have bins for blankets or other gear. If I’m honest it’s not what I particularly want to do, but it really does work best for the space. There may be a coffee table in the middle, or there may just be room for my Morris and a small side table.

The bookcase I was going to build isn’t going to happen, at least not in the form I thought it would. Instead I am going to go the built-in route where the TV is and make that wall all storage. There will be a bench-height cabinet running along the bottom that would store all the A/V gear and other items, these behind closed doors. There would be a thin bookcase along the left side for collectible stuff that my wife likes to display. The TV section will be big enough to hold a 60-70″ TV, something that should suit us for as long as we live here. I found inspiration in a picture of a setup online, and I will try to get started rendering it in Sketchup. I will be taking detailed measurements of my space this weekend and working on that, seeing as how my kids all have Strep and we can’t do anything else.

It seems like a really good plan, but we will have to see if it will fit what we need it to. For that reason I am certainly not calling this layout final.

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