Long Hot American Summer

Normally summer is the slow period for me out in the shop. This summer is certainly no different, reverting back to the hot, muggy summers I am used to. I have barely set foot in the workshop since April left us, and really haven’t cared to. I moved some stuff around to the back wall to adjust layout, but that was a couple of weeks ago and haven’t gotten back around to finishing it up. It’s too freaking hot, and the mosquitoes suck.

This summer is a bit different, because it’s going to be hard for me to look forward to the cooler weather in fall. I’m headed back to school. I’m not taking a particularly heavy load in the next two (expected) years, but my free time will be cut into. I will be able to do some work and study while I fulfill the aspects of my job, but I’m sure there will be quite a bit of after-hours and weekends study time. If not on the weekends, I’ll want to spend that with the kids so I’m not absent. How much time I spend in the shop may partially determine if I keep a fully-equipped shop at all. I could see myself having to go into work more, especially if it brings about the big promotion that may follow. A promotion I’m not sure I really want at this time, but would be a huge impact on my career. The great career vs family debate will come up a lot sooner than I hoped. Give me ten years, sure. Two? It will be a difficult choice.

On the actual crafting side, there is a couple of projects coming up, one being the new living room suite that I previously mentioned. The other is a project for a friend, a favor. Some of the material for that will be selected tomorrow, but I don’t have an ETA on a write-up. It’s an outdoor project, which terrifies me. I’ll have to do the very best I can.

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