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I’m in a period of fine tuning after my systainer cabinet built. I’m looking at all the different things I can do to make my life easier in the shop, and I may catalog all my ideas in a near-future post. Today though is all about the big improvement I made to my Festool vac hose.


Here you can see, in a much older picture, how I had it for a very long time. The cord is attached to the hose at several points with Velcro. This was acceptable, but something the hose did often was catch on edges, with the rough ridges. The Velcro would attract sawdust as well. Festool has some hose wraps they sell, but they are an eye-watering amount of money. I got my idea from a video I saw, and using PET expandable sleeve off of eBay, some heat shrink and about ten minutes got my end product.

I posted the entire process on Wood Talk here, so I don’t plan on repeating all of it. Put the sleeve on, put the heat shrink over the ends of the sleeve, use the heat gun, voila. I might have to adjust the cord length at the end to fit the routers properly, but that’s my only concern. For all of $18, I’m very happy. I have plenty of heat shrink left to redo the tool end of the hose if needed, and do another hose.

The only thing left now to make the hose perfect is figure out a better hanging/overarm solution. I want it to reach all sides of the MFT for use there, and not be in the way when I don’t need it. I’ll be thinking of different ways and I’ll settle on something at some point.


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