Looking ahead to Phase Three

Well, that escalated quickly.

I can’t exactly tell you when phase three would start. It could be any minute considering the roll I’m on, but work does beckon during the week. Phase Two was an outstanding success. I couldn’t have imagined that I could move the miter saw over and still have room under the left side support for the air compressor, jointer and sander, with the planer under the saw itself.

So, what’s next? I’ll break it down.

The miter saw support on the left side, that also serves as a general catch-all, needs to be fixed. The two layers of plywood don’t do enough to eliminate waviness and flex, not with the amount of supports I have and where they are at. I need something laminated up like my workbench or lathe stand. The question will be if I buy a cheap Ikea countertop or make my own. Cost vs convenience. It would be about $100 to buy that. I could do it out of pine for about $20. I could also see about doing a torsion box out of plywood, might give me room for a couple of drawers.

The miter saw itself needs to still move over about an inch to fit the expanded chaos wall, which is easy enough to do. Also have to settle on a height. As for the chaos wall itself, once I decide on the height of the miter saw, I can finalize my plans for the chaos wall and set about building it. Add a column, be a little shorter, but eventually be able to do double depth. Up to 24 systainers, although in reality it will be a bit less due to some larger ones.

Have to figure out exactly what will go on top of that. In line with the miter saw deck will be room for outfeed support, but behind that is some room to play with. Hardware drawers? Hollow chisel mortiser? Just a repeat of the chaos wall? Some decisions to be made there.

The MFT does not have to store the planer or sander underneath at this point, so I can look for other ways to maximize storage. It will have to have the Festool vac at least until a new shop comes about. Other than that things are flexible. The hardware could go in a drawer underneath there and it would work.

The last big thing to sort out is the workbench. Eventually I will build a new one, but the situation here is sorting out what to do underneath. Rebuild the drawer unit, use it for scrap, store my chisels and stuff there…possibilities abound.

There are some little things to do as well, like sorting out blade storage again. Those are minor. Things are certainly looking up in the shop, and it will be soon time to do a new shop tour.

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