Loss and Found

So, today had some ups and downs.

I ordered a WiFi extended Saturday and it really hasn’t worked out. I honestly don’t know why. Be it located in the shop or the closest part in the house, I can’t get good connection on the Chrome desktop. Maybe it just sucks, I don’t know. I tried my Win10 laptop in the shop and I was watching YouTube in HD. Perhaps there is some more troubleshooting I can do.

Well, I was tired of the glare I was getting on the TV being mounted above the window, so I proceeded to move it to the other side of the shop. Something happened when I plugged it back in, and my TV is no more. No power whatsoever. Perhaps a third part plug would get it working again, but I think I’ll have to move on. I did figure out that I could use both the Chromebox and the Fire TV Stick with Bluetooth audio, which the Ryobi radio has. So, I’ve got a spare 20″ monitor that I am using in the bedroom as a TV that should work pretty good. The best part is that it is matte. I just need to resolve the WiFi issue and a HDCP issue with getting the Fire to work. The HDMI to DVI connector is causing an issue. 

I did go ahead and make up a new mount for this monitor, it is 100x100mm VESA and super easy to fab something up. Took about five minutes. Just four holes with a small drill bit meticulously measured.

I did get some work done as well. I hauled the sheet of 3/4″ ply up near the shop and started breaking it down on the Centipede table. Cut one end off at 27.5″, the height of my LEGO storage cabinet. The next section was at 23.5″, which is the depth and what I then cut the first piece into. That second sheet piece was crosscut at 16″, which should be the width I need between the two sides.

I also marked where the bottom piece will need to be attached, and I lined that up with a 4″ square toekick. What will be left to do is to use the LR32 system to create mounting holes for the drawers, cut Domino holes for attachment, and cut out the toekick. Then it’s figuring out what will cover the exposed ply, then paint. Not too much more left, and chances are likely that I will assemble and test drive before painting. Makes it a bit harder on the inside, but whatever. Oh, I do have to also make the rabbet for, and cut 1/4″ ply for the back. Still not a whole lot. Depending on how the week goes it could be at least working by Friday.

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