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My revision of the chaos wall – Houston, we have a problem. Fittingly, it’s a problem of space.

As planned, I could not fully open the drawers to a double-depth systainer cabinet in the corner between my miter saw and MFT. As much of a perfect spot that would be, it isn’t going to work without some modification to the plan. There are a few choices.

The first is to stick with the original construction plan and simply move it to the front corner of the shop. Everything else on the floor on that wall would have to be rearranged, but the drawers would fully open thanks to the table saw being further away than the MFT. The big issue would be finding a way to pull the jointer out for use if it ends up in the back corner. The jointer continues to be the most unwieldy thing in the shop. I am leaning towards this currently, even so.

The rest of the ideas involve modifying the original plan. I could have one column of the storage as double-depth, the other two standard. Either forward biased or rear biased. Or go ahead with shelves behind. I could do two different units arranged in an L formation in the same corner.

In reality, if I could fit four columns in an L formation in the corner, it might be a really good solution. This will need some thought.

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