Making progress

As you can see some major progress has already been made on changing stuff around in the shop. Just today I moved the basement door project out and into position (it’s so horrible I’m going to have to redo it. I don’t have the energy to try and explain my errors right now.), so that freed up some space. I moved the clamp rack to the more obvious spot between the benches. You can also see my new parallel Irwin clamps, my first set of parallels – first of many. I set up some stuff under the wall cabinet, a box of gloves, paper towels, small bags and a new screwdriver caddy. It’s going to be little steps for awhile improving things. In the spring the rest of the walls will get pulled and replaced, and I’ll have to decide if they’ll get the white paint treatment to lighten up the space. It’ll also be at that time where I build my version of the Holtzapffel workbench. The only real expenditures between now and then is I’m going to get my bandsaw up to snuff by adding a fence of some sort, a riser block and finally putting on some decent blades. I also have a new switch on order, so I can convert it from being below my knee in a very awkward spot to up on the spine about shoulder level. Much more convenient spot and I think safer. I’ll be burning through as much plywood stock as I have for small projects like the router caddy and some more drawers for the cabinet. I need to look at my hardwood stock and see if there’s anything I can do for gifts. I know I’d like to make a lamp or two, but I’ve not attempted something like that to this point. Another cutting board or two wouldn’t be out of the question. I also am going to be spending a little bit of time tuning up the other tools in the shop, getting ready for the winter lull.

Here are the Sketchup renders I promised, laying out what I consider a ‘final’ version of what I’ll be turning the shop into. I haven’t been able to think of a more efficient use of my layout, and there’s only two more power tools I’d be interested in adding to the shop – a mortiser and the very outside possibility of adding a mini lathe. I haven’t gotten a response from the comdev commissioner on if I could attach storage for a dust collector. That’s still pending.

Ignore the obvious column error with the pictures, I wanted them to show as much detail as possible without having to click-through. The first render shows the view from over the front left corner. The bandsaw, planer, jointer, cabinets, miter saw, compressor and clamps are already in their final positions. The remaining renders follow the process anticlockwise. There is one point I do need to make though – after I made these renders I did swap the drill press and router table and I think that will do better for workflow. The next time I’m in there playing with the model I’ll make new renders.


As always I hope you enjoy the blog.

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