Man down

I picked up an injury late last week, something in my left heel. It could be fascitis, tendonitis, or even a tear. I’ve been walking with a heavy limp, and it has curtailed my physical activity. I did get some shop time in on the weekend, but not a ton. It feels like I might be getting better though, so I’m hoping I’ll be back out in the shop this weekend working on more of the shop revamp.

I have spent this time writing a few entries in this blog, as you may have noticed. I’ve also worked more on meticulously rendering the new storage in Sketchup. I plan on going out to the shop tomorrow for a few minutes and catalog all the storage I need up on the wall above the systainers. The more I include the specifics the better chance of getting exactly what I need out of it. I think I have room right now for most of the systainers, three Fastenal hardware bins, and potentially the hollow chisel mortiser.

The more this comes together, at least digitally, the more excited I am for it to happen. I really do hope I’ve planned correctly and it all fits as it should.

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