Marching along

Had the opportunity Saturday and Sunday to do a bit of cleaning and rearranging in the shop to get it closer to what I consider my vision. And I have to say, with some minor exceptions the layout is complete.

Saturday was just some minor cleaning, and Sunday I started by putting casters on my sander stand and moving the scrap plywood that was occupying it’s future home. After that was done, I checked the height and I don’t think I’ll have to make any modifications to it to get it to fit. I’m not sure what I will do with the storage space I built in to the stand. I was considering putting sandpaper and sanders there, but I’m not sure. There’s room to put something there for sure. Perhaps my Work Sharp could live there if the paper doesn’t.

I had some additional time after that short assignment so I set out to make one of the last major changes to the shop orientation – making room for the saw. Now to do that involved moving other stuff, but since that was the goal I’ll call it that. First thing was to clear the corner where the router table would go. I moved the paint cans to a temporary spot and walked the drill press out of the way. The router table slid over to it’s new home and I took down the drill bits off the wall and hung the router cubby in it’s new home. That done, I could worry about getting the drill press over to the other side of the door. I’m not completely happy with how it turned out, but it makes the shop flow so we’ll see. I have put a few of the bins on the floor in that corner, and found that they might be able to stay there for awhile. But truth be told, I still have a glaring need for sheet goods storage in my shop, and it will have to be addressed.

With the router table and drill press in their new homes, the table saw cozied up to the table and will work just fine, I think.

As you can see from the pictures, I still have a good deal of work to do before I can see the finish line. Sheet goods storage is a priority, as is cleaning up the rack on the wall. I need to buy and fit the riser for the bandsaw, as well as invest in some good blades and a fence. I just ordered a Shark Guard for the table saw, I figured it was about time. I’ll have more on this closer to when it will arrive. With that purchase, the bandsaw stuff will have to wait until 2012. As far as construction goes, the walls still need to be replaced with 7/16 OSB. I also need to decide if I want to paint said walls to lighten things up. The ceiling needs to be replaced with the same, and I have to decide if I want to use some pot lights or something else that could be run off batteries.

The doors need to be replaced, for security and insulation purposes. I’d also like to get a nice new window installed so I can close and open it easily. Besides, the one in there now is permanently partially open. As for the floor, I was thinking about adding a durable interlocking mat system to cover the entire thing. I also would like to fix the (nowhere near) level of the shop, but that will require a lot of doing. Insulation under the floor will probably happen at the same time. Want to build or buy a corner cabinet for my detailing equipment to go into. May check a Habitat Store for that.

And finally, the big piece of the puzzle – the Holzapffel bench. Not sure if that will start in the spring or I will need to first get the structure of the shop sorted first. This thing is going to be heavier than the shop.

Pics coming shortly – like within the hour. Ok, maybe 4.

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