Matthew’s Table – Overview

I’ve been promising a table for my son since approximately a year ago. Then I got sidetracked building my new shop. I eventually bought the material to build it late last year, and it has been sitting in the old shop waiting for the right time. Now that the set build for this year is complete (and I’ll be posting about that coming up), and is actually about to be struck, it’s finally time to get started.

Here is the render again.

It’s a simple design: approximately 20″ tall, wide, and deep. The legs are tapered to the skirt (I think that is what those rails are called), and I’ll have to go back and measure that in the render. The top will likely be plywood with a hardwood banding. It will go together with Dominos for expediency and accuracy, and the whole thing will be stained GF Java, and topped with Arm-R-Seal. There’s also going to be one hidden feature that I may or may not be able to share. That will depend on how public my son would like it to be.

This is going to be an interesting project as it may determine if I need to substantially fix my jointer or buy a new one. The fence is a bit twisted, as far as I can tell. It might be something I have to invest in, but I’m actually hoping I can hold off to see if I can fit an 8″ jointer in a new shop when we buy a new house.

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