Mega Dreaming

It’s a slow day on the forums, so I thought I would do a little daydreaming about what I would do with this enormous Mega Millions jackpot drawing tonight. This would be, of course, taking care of family and friends and charities, so we’ve covered all of those bases. This would be, you have a basically unlimited budget now go build your shop and outfit it.

Challenge accepted.

Since I’m more of a mountain than beach person, my estate would be on a large expanse of land in the foothills of some mountains. My shop would be integrated into what is in effect a three story building. There would be a garage on the middle floor, with drive-in access from the front. Five or six bays, with one wash bay. Plenty of room to engage in my other major love, cars. And since we’re in the foothills, there’s definitely going to be a Jeep. Above the garage is an expansive living area that people can hang out in or possibly stay in. Pool table, Foosball, arcade cabinets, etc. Have to see if there’s enough room for it to be an in-law suite.

But enough about that, this is a woodworking blog. The shop would have 10′ ceilings, with recessed lighting and duct work embedded inside the ceiling for clearance. Since the garage is above, the back wall of the shop is where all the storage will be. Huge air compressor (plumbed for use with the shop and the garage), dust collection, etc will be along this wall along with some scrap storage. This will be a separate room, and in the shop proper along this wall will be wall storage. Cabinets, french cleats, etc. Along the opposite wall, the one with walk-out access, will be an expanse of windows and french doors in order to enjoy expansive natural light and the nice weather when available. This will lead out onto a large patio with seating for relaxing or entertainment. Perhaps this is where a pool and hot tub could go?

Back inside, we have 4″ or 6″ duct going to each machine. As much as I don’t like the inventor/lawyer, I’d own a 5HP SawStop with massive outfeed/assembly table behind it. If I’m going to be ‘retired’ and out in the country, I need to be as safe as possible. I’d have an array of spare brakes and blades so I can get back up and running. I may splurge and have another table saw set up for dados only.

Because the garage is up above, I’ll have to deal with support columns. As such, I’ll use them to my advantage by running some duct and air lines down them and positioning tools accordingly. My bandsaw, probably an 18″ Powermatic, would abut a column. In fact, I think most of my tools would be Powermatic, but I don’t have a real reason for that aside from their reputation. Full sized lathe, shaper, mortiser, 18″ drill press, 20″ planer, drum sander, RAS, miter saw, router table, etc would all adorn the shop floor. Since I’d have the money, I’d also splurge on some of the very expensive Festool products, such as the tracksaw, MFT and Domino. I’d have a reading area, complete with a mini-kitchen and kegerator.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Anything I forget?

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