Mini shopping spree

In order to start work on the pizza peel, I had to get my bandsaw in a bit better working order than it has been. The blade wasn’t worth much, and it wasn’t set up properly. Both had to be fixed in order to get accurate cuts for this and other projects.

I hit up Peachtree Woodworking and picked up a new bandsaw blade, an Olsen All-Pro 105″ 1/4″ 6TPI. This was about the same TPI as I had on the Powermatic blade, but was thinner so it could do tighter curves. I also picked up a Carter Cobra Coil tension spring to give me a bit more tension. Got both installed today and did a quick test cut in some MDF. Not the best indication, but it cuts well. Will give it a go in something harder tomorrow. Still on the agenda is a Wood Slicer resaw blade from Highland Hardware, I’ll swing by the next time I go into work. Changing blades is a PITA, though.

Also picked up a Wixey digital cube so I can set my table saw at the proper angle for the vertical cut required. And, I think best of all, picked up a seat for the shop that’s fairly comfortable for being a slab of plastic.

No pictures today.

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