Went out today because I was missing three things from my press: a wrench, a key and a switch. Took care of the switch by going to Home Depot and stealing it.

Okay, I didn’t steal it. The nice employee let me have one of the display switches after I explained my situation. It’s actually not a switch, but a key that inserts into the switch to allow it to work. The one from my saw wasn’t a good fit. The key took a little more work. Home Depot didn’t have the right size, neither did Harbor Freight. Ace had one, luckily. The wrench is going to have to come from Ridgid directly. I’ll ask for all three, just to have an extra.

The drill works great and is super quiet. It has a space for a light bulb, which I had to grind down a piece of metal to fit in. Something that I knew might be a possibility. Just a leftover of casting. Nice and bright. It drills pretty damn straight, although I need to measure and see exactly how straight. Still working on learning how. I’m so excited to have it.

The drill press cart I started on Saturday has sadly been neglected since. I was hoping to work on it some today, but I took on two other things. The first thing to do today was to hang the doors on the pantry. Got that done. No pictures, because it doesn’t look quite right, and I need to figure out how I can fix it. More details later this week.

The other project, undertaken with the LOML was to paint the kitchen. It’s mostly done, just some trim work. It’s a nice Caribbean-esque blue.

So, workshop projects got put on hold today. But for good reason. I will need to make a table with a fence for the drill press, but that’s so easy it will take 30 minutes.

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