It’s hard for anyone to admit they were wrong about something, and that seems to go double for a guy. Don’t know why that is, but I think it might be true. I’ve been wrong about a few things in my shop, but perhaps the thing I’ve been most wrong about is my miter saw bench. The concept is fairly sound, however my planning and execution of it has been all wrong.

I still desire a nice long surface to make repeatable cuts, if possible. No, my beef is with my storage: it’s completely wrong. I made drawers looking to fill them when I should have made drawers for what I had. I have a number of things that won’t fit in the drawers I made because they are too short, too narrow or in the wrong spot. Instead of making a bunch of drawers and figuring it out later, I should have planned for specific things to go in specific places. I should have made it modular to more easily make changes – the design I have saved plywood, but it won’t when it all has to come down. It’s way too much space to use ineffectively.

So, one of the things I’ve resolved to do before I build any more storage is for everything to have its place. In short, I’ll be designing things around what I have or will immediately get versus trying to fill the space with storage then trying to fill it in turn. I can fit what I have and make the space feel bigger if I do it wisely.

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