Miter saw station

What a difference a day makes, huh?

I started out by moving the miter saw ‘stand’ over about an inch to the left, which didn’t quite fix the issue of the guard hitting the chaos wall. But then I straightened the saw out a little bit in relation to the stand that that was enough. It now can rotate through the entirety of it’s range without hitting anything. I also took the time to secure the stand even more to the wall for an extra sense of security.

Then it was time to take the planer off of the flip cart and onto the short temporary cart. While heavy, it went without issue. I had to remove the outfeed table and dust port for the planer to flip over yesterday, so those need to go back on any cart. With the flip cart free of both tools, it could be moved out of the way. I decided I’d go ahead and tackle this project of giving me a support wing, and really just see how it went. I took the other two 2x4s not used yet and cut them up into pieces. A 25″ long support piece, a 14″ long wall mount, and about a 12″ long triangular support block. I ended up with three shelf supports when the pieces went together, and I basically had to guess where they’d mount on the wall. I ended up near 42″ tall, but that’s not specific. I used two of the supports, and cut just a regular 25″ long 2×4 for the front wall.

Then I cut the biggest remaining piece of plywood from the router table project. It was the full 48″ wide and about 72″ long. The space I needed it for was 25″ wide and just under 70″. I figured the best thing for this would be to rip it on the table saw, so I got it and the router table cleared off in preparation. Only issue is, I can no longer cut that wide of a piece on the table saw. I’m limited to about 22″, because I cut the rails awhile back. Damn, another reason to upgrade. I used the 1900 rail for a rip, which really wasn’t long enough, but I made work. I was about coming off the rail at the end, but the cut held true. I took it for fitting, and I marked where it needed to slide around the posts for the rack, a small piece in the corner where it wasn’t 90°, and some fiddling around the miter saw where I again had to account for swiveling the saw. A triangular cutout gave me enough room to get to 45°, and I just have to decide if I want to cut a bit more off to get to 55°.

Now, there is some stuff still left to do. I think I’ll use the other piece of ply under the first one so I can cut a groove for a T-track. I’ll use the Kreg flip stop I think for repeatable cuts. I also have some measuring tape on hand. I don’t think I’ll do a fence along the table, just the T-track and the stop.

The front needs to be trimmed off in some wood to hide the supports and protect the edge of the plywood. The supports will have to be moved lower to accommodate the extra piece of ply, which isn’t a huge deal. I’ll be shimming the top to get it as level as I can. I also need to cut an access hole or two for plugs to come up to the relocated power strip. Also, dust collection needs to be sorted out for the miter saw – do I continue to use the CT Midi or grab a bucket lid vac or something?

There’s also a couple of things that will wait for the table saw to arrive to flesh out. I’m pretty sure the flip cart will die some sort of death, but it also might get used for the sander. Not entirely sure yet, but it will either be heavily modified or destroyed. Also, I’m not exactly sure where the jointer will go under the table, but I’d probably prefer where it is now – next to the miter saw. Gives me a bit more room to work, particularly without having to open a door. I just don’t know how much room there will be to keep it next to the door.

The other thing the wing/table does is give me some much needed storage for odds and ends that plug in – the Bosch charger that can’t be wall mounted, the phone charger, the white heater, etc. These things had been sitting just anywhere – the jointer bed, the wood rack, anywhere. Now I can tidy up some of the longer cords out of the way.

I’ll add the third support when I get some other things figured out on a more permanent basis. They barely fit above the jointer fence, so I’d like to avoid being right over it – particularly since now I need to lower them some. I wouldn’t mind storing the HCM right next to the miter saw if it will hold.

I’m excited. A bit more work to do on it, but it should help me tremendously.

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