Modding a Lysol Healthy Touch soap refill

This is a simple little project to help you save a few bucks on soap refills, especially if you have little kids that are enthralled by it. The refills I suppose are fairly priced, at around $3-$4. However, compared to the huge jugs you can get places for a buck or two, they are overpriced.

What you’ll need:

– a 5/8″ neoprene rubber grommet

– a 5/8″ plastic locking hole plug

– an empty soap container

– more soap

– a 7/8″ spade bit attached to a drill (or powered screwdriver)

– exacto knife (or similar)

The first two items are found at Home Depot in the hardware aisle, in the drawers that are marked specialty hardware. The total price of these two was around $1.75 w/ tax. These weren’t what I had in mind when I went shopping, so if I find a better alternative I will modify this post.

A spade bit is preferred because of the long center part that allows it to center on the little nub at the top of the container. You want to drill here so that when the hole is finished, you have an even surface – the bit will obliterate the entire indention.

Center the bit on the nub and press in. This will keep the point from walking when you start drilling. The spade bit will heat the plastic as it goes, leaving slag all around the opening. Trim all the slag off the top and underside of the hole and then remove all the large bits of plastic that have fallen in the container. Rinse thoroughly with hot water. You’ll never get all the old soap out, and that’s okay. Insert the grommet carefully – if it falls in you will hate life. If the hole inside the now-installed grommet is uneven, it should be okay to a certain extent. As long as the plug can friction-fit in the opening, and can be removed with your fingers, you’re done. Fill the container with the new soap, install and activate the sensor a few times to clear the old soap out of the base.

You’re done. Enjoy your cheaper soap with the convenience of the sensor.



(note that the 13/16″ bit was too small, and I had to enlarge it with a 7/8″ bit)



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