More new toys

I finally made decisions on what to do with my Father’s Day Amazon credit, and received the second of two packages this morning. Although I could have used a new sander, or other small power tool I decided to increase my hand tool resources.

My first order was the Felo screwdriver set as I mentioned in a previous post. I really like this set, although it’s slightly different than I expected. I thought all the drivers would be the same size, but the length is proportional to the size of the tip. Better explained in a photo. Still, very nice to hold, and the bottom of the handle can be used with a wrench for more leverage. Don’t think I’ll quite have that problem with what these will be used for.

My second order, which arrived Tuesday, was a mallet. Not that special in larger terms, but I wanted another mallet for the shop and this one had high ratings. 12oz, with a green, non-marring face. Feels great in the hand, should be a blast to use in the shop.

Made in Germany! Hopefully it’s made better than a Jetta I had…

As you can see, the sizes are of different lengths. Will create something of a challenge to make look good in the cabinet.

Not quite built like the Narex, but they feel good and look good. I think these might be reserved for plane tune up, final construction (hinges, for example) and other things. These won’t be everyday tools, even though they aren’t priced exorbitantly.

I kicked out the Rockler glue brushes, the mortise gauge and my coping saw to put these in the old chisel rack. As good as any place for the time being. Goes nicely with my Quint knife.

The 12oz mallet. Will be perfect for hand work, and the non-marring face will keep all the tools nice. Nice weight, glad I didn’t opt for a heavier version.

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