More than a feeling

Wow. What a thirty-six hour period. The shop has been transformed, and I love it. I can’t ever really say that I won’t find something better, but this is an awesome feeling.

The render I showed yesterday and the one on this post as well is very, very close to what I was actually able to accomplish. I started out yesterday afternoon by wheeling what I could out of the shop, so I could move the rest around. I moved the bandsaw and planer in position first, then I was able to bring the router table over to the right side and then slide the new lathe bench over to the left side of the shop. For being as heavy as it is, it moves rather easily when I want it to. Then, it was the key test, the jointer. It fit rather nicely between the bench and the drill press. Test passed, I could then proceed with the rest of the plan.

The miter saw joined the router table, and the plan eventually will be to make a MS stand that will straddle the router table, giving me even more space. The table saw came in and went on the left side, and luckily, I figured out a way to slide it in and out almost as easily as it was the other way. That will help tremendously. So, both of my concerns were answered to satisfaction. I brought the MFT and the dust collection components back in, and the shop is back functional.

I took a bunch of the plywood that I had to move around and stacked it up on the workbench, temporarily.

Today, Saturday, brought a bit more slight adjustments. I moved the saw blade holders up on the door, and moved the ENT cabinet over to another wall. The blades would constantly hit the planer where I’ll be parking it. The parallel clamps went over to the new spot, awaiting a new rack. I put the french cleats back up in their place, with a few things going up on the wall again.

One thing I did was finally address a piece of scrap that had been taking up space on the floor for several months – the old router table top. It had been on the right side of the saw before, but in the wrong orientation. I finally decided to put it back on, but the right way, to have in effect another offset router table. The way the saw butts out though, the miter track would have to go towards the blade – in effect, making the router table backwards.

I cut the old top down with the MFT and TS55, after I had removed all of the assorted screws. After it was all trimmed up, basically going by the old miter track and T-track, I reinstalled some screws, as it was never really laminated together all that well previously. I used the actual router table to cut the grooves for the new bars, and I had just enough room to add the T-track back to fit the router fence. I then cut some MDF strips to use to attach the top to the saw rails, after seeing someone else do it on the BT3 website. After cutting some relief counter sink holes for the bolt, I got it all snugged up to the rails, checking for flat with my new straight edge. Already coming in handy. I then brought the old Craftsman router from the BT3’s stock router table over to mine on the right side (from the left). Now I can use the router portion of this right where it is, if needed. Helpful for multiple router setups. The fence can be used in either direction.

There is still more little things to be done, and it will continue for awhile. Finding places for things how I want, and adjusting things. I do now have a few more things on the project list. After I’m sure of having the miter saw above the router table, I need to make a stand for it. I’m thinking a double french cleat so it floats, but that also means I finally have to tackle the last three panels in the shop. I think that may happen the last part of March, but it could happen any day should I wish. OSB is cheap, and it’s really just about getting rid of all the trash – the 1/4″ ply and the hardwood planks holding it up. I’m also considering replacing the window when I do it. Even if I’m in the shop only another year or so, it would still be a good investment. I’m not that up on what it would be to put a new window in, so I have hesitated.

I discovered today that I think the router table, the real one, may need to be redone. The drawers have completely come out of the tracks. They weren’t made for this, so it could be that it isn’t that bad. I’ll have to do some measuring and see if it can just be stitched up with a face frame, or if it’s just fine full stop. I need to make drawers for it, and not just ones that came from the old miter saw station. Once I determine the next course of action, I’ll have a better idea of a time frame. Although, it does sound a bit appealing to remake it based on some observations on how it’s worked to this point.

A cabinet in the workbench is needed, especially for all the hardware – that’s right, the hardware is saying goodbye to the bins and into a drawer or two. Going to be a much better setup there. Any other space I think will go to sharpening. I also have to make the drawers for the lathe, but I need some plywood for that…I think. Have to check my stock. I can’t wait to build the sysports to finally give my systainers good storage. That will be last, when I figure out just how much space I have.

I took some pictures, as promised. I tried to do panoramas, but it wouldn’t do a 360 degree shot, so I gave up.



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