More than meets the eye

I can’t sit here and say my shop is a Transformer, and now I’ll be fighting Decepticons with a robot that has a table saw for a foot. What I can say is that 2016 has been transformative.

It’s really all been about making things better, in any way I can. I’ve fought for more room, better ways to get things done. Better spots to get to things easier. I’ve been looking at different solutions that I may have had to delay before, but finding ways to fit them in now.

The key is to really take my time and think things through, which is why I wasn’t that upset about pausing my project on Sunday. Time is a luxury for me, and plywood isn’t that expensive. I’ll continue to think about my plan and make sure I haven’t overlooked any disqualifying attributes. I think things will work, but ideas keep popping up and I need to properly vet them. For instance, I was thinking about making a full cabinet that was wide enough for my Fastenal bins, but I only have two of them. I might eventually have four or five. I don’t need a space that will hold 10. I need more drawers, but not necessarily that size.

If I can pull off my plan, my shop should be in very good shape. And everything can be transposed over to a larger shop and not be wasted. Let’s see if I can get it all drilled down in Sketchup this week.

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