Moving stuff around

Well, the lathe still is sitting in the same spot. I had a friend come over to check out the shop Saturday, and I spent the hour or so before getting the cabinets moved. The plane till went in the corner over the bench, and the storage cabinet went right up next to it. I’m fairly happy with the arrangement I suppose. It’s hard to be too happy about stuff that takes up a large amount of space. The clamps went behind the drill press, which may work a bit better.

Next opportunity I have to get out there I will most likely get the lathe moved over. I honestly don’t know how much I will like it there, but I’ll like having more room to get in and out the shop.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to tame my jungle backyard. I’m using my old mower as a bushwhacker, but some of the thicker stuff I’ll need to use the recip saw on that the hedge trimmer can’t handle. It’s coming along, but like everything else I don’t find much time to work on it.

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