Moving the lathe

I made a bowl for Mother’s Day, my first one. I bought a Nova G3 chuck and it went really well. I did finally admit that the lathe isn’t going to work where it is, so it needs to move. It’s hard for me to use it fully, I can’t move it easily…it was a mess to try and move the tool rest to behind the tail stock.

Now, normally this wouldn’t need a post about it, but as with everything else it became complicated. I wanted to simply move it to the back wall where I had a little space available, but decided that wasn’t the only thing I wanted to move. I was getting bit by mosquitos, and wanted the spray. It was in the cabinet above, and even with the lathe moving it wouldn’t be that easy to access. So, we’re moving the cabinet as well.

I decided that the cabinet would work well again over the lathe, and without a table saw to get in the way I could access it easier. To compliment the move, I’ve also decided to move the plane till to over the workbench in the corner. This had two prerequisites: I had to move my clamp racks, and had to remove part of the ceiling. I didn’t want to put this stuff up and then have to take it back down to complete the ceiling removal, so I cut a portion out at the back wall in preparation. With that, what was an easy ten minute task took an hour and I was done for the day on Sunday.

I’m hoping to get out to the workshop today to start moving the two cabinets into position. I’ll get everything up on the wall how I think I like before I move the lathe over. Once everything is in the new spots I’ll begin my second bowl and test the layout.

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