My woodworking watches

When I’m not in the shop or doing stuff with my family, I like to try and learn as much as I can. I’m all over woodworking forums and videos, and I thought I’d share a few.

  • The Wood Whisperer – I like to think of him as a modern-day Norm. Some of the stuff is way above my pay grade, but it’s entertaining and informative anyway.
  • The New Yankee Workshop – while the show is off the air, repeats are available on the website. The schedule is a bit weird (episodes often not available until Wednesday) but I watch when I can. Norm is really my main influence that taught me ‘I can do it.’
  • The Woodsmith Shop – I try to watch when I can, probably the best show that is currently on air. My big complaint would be that it is too scripted.
  • Matt’s Basement Workshop – I recently found this thanks to Blip.TV and Roku, and I watch it on my TV. I like it because he doesn’t have the biggest space or necessarily the best tools.
  • Garage Woodworks – very informative stuff here
  • MrBigerock – may or may not be filming his videos inside Festool headquarters. Learning a lot about Festool products, even though most aren’t an option right now.

I also frequent message boards like BT3Central, WTO, Router Forums and I may be joining the FOG soon as well.

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