New iron

Got a pleasant surprise this morning, as I discovered my plane order arrived yesterday a few days early. I ordered a block plane and a #5 from Woodcraft, both made by Groz. These don’t have the greatest reputation, but they were on a deep clearance and I am not going to be able to find some good stuff otherwise right now. A check of a couple of antiques (read: junk) stores didn’t net any acceptable old iron.

I don’t have the proper setup for tuning up planes, but I got decent results with my other plane, a Stanley SB4 from Lowe’s. I cleaned off all the cosmoline from the planes by disassembling them, then set about to see what they could do out of the box. I got fair results from the block plane, but the #5 was giving me all sorts of trouble. I was either getting nothing, or too thick and it was jamming. I did a bit of minor research to see what I was dealing with and I hope to make some adjustments and get some decent shavings out of it. It’s a bit different from my other two with a cap iron that I’m not familiar with. Some tips I found hopefully will help me out.

I am going to pick up some glass and some sandpaper and make myself a cheap honing setup for the soles and the blades. I like my Worksharp, but I need to make sure I’m going it correctly. Making a jig for the WS is a top priority as well.

In other developments today, I bought the Ridgid muffler for my vac, hoping to get a dB or two of noise reduction and deflecting the very powerful exhaust. To my dismay I think it got louder by a dB or two. I will have to weigh whether I keep it or not, as the diffusion of the exhaust blast will be helpful. I may at some point want to route the exhaust out the shop.

I did, the other day, create a holder for all of my files that works rather well. Today, I created a new rack for my chisels. I’ll get pictures of all of that this week, and I also hope to make some hammer holders, since the one I have won’t hold all of mine. All of this will eventually go onto a large rack or in a cabinet similar to the Studley chest. Also, now that I have multiple planes (working or otherwise), I need to find them a home as well. Also in respect to getting the South Wall started, I first will have to replace at least one wall panel adjacent to the wall on the east and west walls. I could go ahead and do multiple at the same time, but I’m not sure I would have the time or space to take down and out a bunch of stuff. I would do those two panels, then probably after the South wall is complete work on finishing the other walls one at a time. The OSB isn’t too expensive, but it is an undertaking taking down the plywood and the underlying wood and disposing of it. I’m trying not to have to rent a truck to take it to the dump, but just using trash bags.

I’ll be doing some fine tuning of the Sketchup model for the shop this week and hope to get renders of it posted before next weekend.

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