New Layout observation

My new layout was a really good idea, but I found a couple of flaws, and most of it is centered around the MFT. I’m not overhauling the shop, but I think I could make a couple of small tweaks.

The MFT is a fantastic tool, and I love having the extra surface space. It takes up more than the advertised space though, with the fence and rail sticking over the edge. That fence has found my back a couple of times picking things up off the floor. That’s one area of concern. The other is I have small items under the MFT that I have to also move whenever I move the MFT itself. The two vacs and the separator. The hoses come off a lot, especially because I’ve been having to work with the lathe stand recently.

Having the saw on the left side has been a little difficult to adjust to. Where it was, all I had to do was move it out far enough that the fence would clear the door frame. I’d have room to move to the back of the shop. With it to the left, I have to bring it out much further into the doorway, and it is at times not possible to re-enter the shop with it deployed. It has been a lot easier to fold away, with access to the handles and lock. Access to the router table should be nice, but I haven’t used it yet. It’s going to be something I look at going forward, because if I have the same size shop, it’s a long-term plan I need to be comfortable with. Also, having the planer cart next to the bandsaw hasn’t worked if I have to use the table saw. I need the room to either get by or pull the saw out. I’m not changing anything today, just keeping that in mind and sharing what I’ve found. If this site does anything, I hope it can give advice to those who are in a similar situation as I am. If I had that couple extra feet or so, I would be in a much better position. It may ultimately be worth trying to go through the variance process.

In the meantime, I moved slightly the accessory power strip (chargers, heat, vac, lights) up so that it didn’t interfere so much with the saw moving in and out. It will also give me a bit more slack with the power cord going out the door.

As long as I’m alive, I’ll probably be looking for shop layout tweaks.

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