New non-woodworking website

I actually find myself liking to write lately. Sometimes the topics aren’t strictly about projects or woodworking, which can be tough not getting out to the shop. In an effort to encourage my writing skills, I started a second blog where I can discuss things that need an outlet. The site is 144Cutoffs, and will cover a wide range of my other interests. You’ll find posts about technology, computers, sports and other random things. I’ll try not to venture into religion or politics if at all possible.

The best part is if you’re here for just a peek into my shop, you can completely ignore it. There might be some cross-posting of topics that have some element of woodworking or handyman content, but the main reason for a separate blog is that this one stays on topic.

Head on over and check it out if you wish. The content is light now, but there will be a navigation button on both sites to easily go back and forth.

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