New project and an interlude

I set out today to start on a late Christmas present, one involving techniques I haven’t used before and is bound for disaster. Oh well, at least I’ll be able to say I tried. I can’t reveal too much of it, for obvious reasons. Back to it at the end.

As I was prepping everything I noticed how much junk was lying around in the form of scrap pieces. So I abandoned doing too much on my project in favor of making some progress on this front. Scrap was everywhere – a huge pile on the router table, some in front of the planer, on the work bench, and on the table saw. Basically everywhere I don’t want it. So I took about an hour tossing some stuff and finally doing a bit better job sorting my wall of wood. Not the greatest accomplishment, but it was desperately needed.

While doing this, I was contemplating the next steps for organization. I’ve been thinking over a major change to the south wall (cabinet wall) that would include full width lower and upper cabinets. Unfortunately, where I run into problems is all the other stuff I have that takes up massive amounts of floor space. I had wanted to store the jointer under the miter saw, but this is going to be impossible. It’s nearly 40″ tall, and that would be to the bottom of any surface. Simply too high to store under there regardless, much less to have a miter saw directly above it. The center is only that tall, so I may be able to shove one of the tables under a portion of the cabinets as the tables are only about 35″ high.

I’ve been playing around with Sketchup for the last couple of weeks trying to figure out a bit better way of having everything stowed. The system now isn’t too horrible, but I also don’t have as much room as I would have with a full-width lower cabinet. I had visions of storing the spindle sander on a shelf instead of being on it’s own rolling cart. Still kicking around ideas.

Back to the project. I had a large board of poplar that I bought several months ago for transforming into a chair. Perhaps even a year ago. Haven’t gotten around to it, but I knew it would work for this without having to outlay any cash. It was rough milled, about 1-1/8″ thick. I cut off a bad section, then cut approximately a 21″ long section of the board, which is also about 10.5″ wide. Slightly narrower than I would have liked, but not so much that it was worth gluing up two boards. 11″ was my goal, this will be fine. I planed it down to 3/4″, and jointed the edges. I did it this way because it was slightly bowed and still got nice parallel faces and edges. It became too low of light to proceed, so I left the board for tomorrow ready to trim to the proper length and run through the router table. I’m attempting sliding dovetails, which if I get right will be a real feather in my cap.

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