New project and interlude II

Set out to do more work on the project, and I did to some degree. I was able to trim up the board to a length a bit longer than intended, but with plenty of room for mistakes. I took one edge and ran it through the router to create the long dovetail. Unfortunately this is about where it stopped for today. I discovered that the piece I was going to use for the sides was twisted. So I found a piece that was suitable, but unfortunately not as wide. So I’ve changed plans slightly in regard to mounting, but I will need the sample to properly gauge where it’s going to intersect the board. Hard to describe, but pictures will do when I get it done.

Did a very slight more amount of cleaning up, and worked to get closer on getting the bandsaw fence done. Took a bit to figure out layout in my head while I was in there, and I think if I can move the wall rack to the opposite wall, I will be closer to where I need to be. Being in that corner takes away a lot of options for me, especially since the table saw is pretty much set where it is.

Still working.

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