New project – Thein cyclone

In the aftermath of my workbench project, I’m loathe to take on another big project right away – in scope and in cost. Yet, I am itching to make improvements to my shop, as indicated by my two master plan threads I just made. The first real improvement I’d like to make is new shop doors, but I’ve decided to do something to help keep the shop clean – a new separator for the shop vac.

My Woodstock separator works really well, and I still have no problems recommending it to anyone looking for a 5-gallon solution. However I noticed during this last project it was no match for the amount of debris I was making with the jointer and planer. For a project this big, I needed something bigger to separate all the debris and keep it from passing straight through to the vac, as the vac filter was getting supremely clogged up. I could have upgraded to the larger Woodstock lid, but I decided to try something I’ve had an eye on for awhile – Phil Thein’s separator cyclone.

Much more information than I can provide here is at his pretty detailed website. I’ll be spreading this out over 2-3 posts, as I don’t know how long this will take me with other activities I’m required to do. Hopefully I can have it up and running in a few days.

My materials list is as follows (with local pricing):

(4) 45º slip elbows (@$1.45) – $5.80

(1) .5″x5′ S40 PVC Pipe – $1.47

(3) 3/8″ x 6″ hex bolts (@$.94) – $2.82

(3) 3/8″ hex lock nuts (@.18) – $.54

(6) 3/8″ wide fender washers ($.18) – $1.08

(1) 31-gallon galvanized trash can – $24.98

Running total (with tax): $38.89

Minus the can (which I would have bought anyway), this project is at $12.41. In the limited time I have available today I will be measuring the diameters needed for the baffle and making sure I have the material on hand necessary. I’m planning to use up some of this MDF that’s taking up space.



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