New router table base – Day 1

Yes, this project finally begins.

I started pretty late in the day on Friday, so not a great deal got done. After not receiving a reply from the lumber yard on pricing, I decided to make things easy and get the plywood from Lowe’s. I rented their truck, and brought home two sheets of blondewood ply. With the truck rental, the cost for that was about $120. Expensive, but I decided to spend a bit more to have a nicer looking table that could potentially last me for many, many years. In fact, if done correctly, the only reason I would change it is if I needed the floor space back, or my configuration changes to need the drawers back on the infeed side. Otherwise, even if I take out the systainers, I can still use that space for other storage.

I set up my Centipede XL with a couple of 2x4s to do the initial breakdown. It worked well, except the 2x4s kept popping out of the X-cups. A quick word with them suggests a revision is coming to keep them locked in place, which would improve it drastically. Anyway, I cut the two sheets into five pieces, the fifth being the major cutoff that I haven’t plans for yet. Since I only have the 1900 rail, it is always crosscuts first. After that, I put everything away.



Yup. That’s the entirety of the first day. I decided that would be a good stopping point, to not try to rush things and end up making a mistake. A mistake I would end up making the following day, but that story is for another entry. The TS55 and the 48T blade made pretty clean cuts, but not perfect. The difference of not having the foam under the cuts as I have previously done. If I can somehow figure out a way of storing that foam sheet, perhaps folded, I’ll go back to that.

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