New router table base – Day 2

A short, but satisfying afternoon of woodworking was behind me, and on Saturday I set out to get more done. It was now time to do the secondary cross cuts, from the primary ones I did on Friday.

I kept going with my careful processes, and marked carefully what I needed to cut. I marked keeper and offcut sides, and think I did a very accurate job. The bigger panels pushed the capacity of the MFT to the very limit. The biggest one I had to break out the bigger rail and do it the old-fashioned way. Pretty good for an unsupported cut.

IMG_20160220_160402043 IMG_20160220_161656921

With all the panels to the specified sizes, I set about putting the edging on. I decided a few days previous that I wouldn’t go with wood edging, but laminate. I decided that because it would be much more difficult to get everything looking good with the design. Edge banding would also be easier and faster. So the maple edging and iron came out and got the job done. This went off without a hitch.

The next part, however, was less successful. Even though I was using edge banding, I kept with the idea of using the OF1010 to trim it up. This method, with the edge routing accessory, is very finicky. It would be the right depth once, but too deep later on. Making mistakes on the inside or bottom pieces wasn’t a big deal, but it did happen once on a show piece. Unfortunately, the part that got messed up is right at the spot where the power switch is going to go. It will be noticeable. I also probably should have taken a break before trimming, so another point to be made for going slowly.


Thus ended the second day. This day was taken up a bit by fixing a carbon monoxide leak in my house, which I thank my BIL profusely. I will say that while I was waiting for him to come by, I cleaned up the shop and put things away. It greatly helped the outlook and ability to get things done, having a clean shop and clean surfaces.

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