New router table base – Day 3

Sunday started out by continuing the edge trimming. I had better luck with the OF1010, as I set it a bit higher for the cut. I then had to follow that with a block sander, but it worked mostly well. With all the panels thus trimmed up, it was time to put cricket on the TV and start marking mortises.

The Domino 500 is an exquisite tool, and super easy to use. Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s foolproof, something that I can attest to. As such, I took great time and care getting things lined up and properly marked. I’ve not had consistent success with the fingers on the Domino, so I went with my tried and true – markings.

I lined up the edges I needed to keep even, and used a 90° gauge to mark the lines. Once marked, I then marked the plunge side and the depth setting – 15mm on faces, 25mm on edges. When I lined everything up for the markings, I also ensured that I made the marking where the fence on the Domino needed to go. With the two things combined, I would not make any mistakes. I only made one mistake with the depth, and thankfully I was too shallow on one end plunge, and quickly corrected.

IMG_20160221_141456056 IMG_20160221_141840391

I had a beer as a snack, then had another and decided more than one beer and woodworking didn’t mix. I wasn’t concerned with hurting myself with the Domino, but making a dumb mistake. The project after three days stands like this: the bottom of the base has all Domino mortises done except for the middle divider. The middle divider needs to be done to the base and the back and power switch panel, and the shelf needs to be done to the back, power switch panel, and middle divider. That’s a fair bit of maneuvering and thinking that I thought left better for another day. I think I’ll work the shelf, then the divider. I’ve never done Dominos in the field of a panel, so that will get interesting as to the orientation. The shelf isn’t critical, as long as it clears the OF1400 systainer. The middle divider’s location on the back is critical, otherwise the drawers don’t work. I’ll practice on the shelf.

There won’t be any work on it on Monday due to other commitments. I’m hoping to get the shelf done on Tuesday at the very least. If the shelf goes well, I’ll keep going with the middle divider. Once all the mortises are done, I’ll dry fit everything. If that goes well, then it gets taken apart and the drawer mounting holes get done. I do need to use some of the smaller offcuts from the main sheet of ply and make top mounting strips. Two will span the drawer bay both front and back, and another will span the router box opening, where the door will be. This will also give the door a stop, and a spot to potentially put a magnetic catch. Maybe. Haven’t thought that far ahead.

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