New router table base – day 4

(Fifth day elapsed)

I didn’t think I’d get out to the shop for a second day in a row, but I made room for an hour between work and basketball practice. Again, surprisingly, it was a good effort.

I left off at a critical time – the mortises located in the field, not the edge. I had never taken this on before, so naturally I was nervous. I decided that I would start by trying to get the shelf located properly, as it was less crucial to hit a mark than the middle divider. I struck a line 12″ down from the top of the power switch panel, and set my mortises about 3″ apart. Having marked the panel, I put the shelf edge up against the line. Only issue was, with the panel up against the line I couldn’t locate the tick marks. So I struck the same marks on the straight edge, and that worked well. The bottom of the Domino has markings to locate the placement.

The Domino was still set on right at 10mm from the other day, so even though I did the field upside down in relation to the shelf, it went right on the line with zero issue.



Flush with success, I did the opposite side of the shelf that met the back panel with the same success. In fact, there were only two issues that made the experience less than perfect – for some reason, the shelf is 1mm proud of the side panels. I have no idea how. The other thing was I incorrectly thought the 5mm Domino tenons were 40mm deep. Nope, 30mm. So they do sink a bit into the edge mortises. I’ll just have to glue them in first to the surface mortises. No big deal.


I mocked up the middle divider and I think this thing might just meet my expectations. I think that millimeter (or perhaps another) might catch me up where the shelf meets the middle divider, but I’ll never interact with that part. Some caulk and a screw or two will keep it tidy. Screws, because I won’t see them either, and it’s just easier.


The middle divider needs to get mortises, and then the LR32 gets broken out. Then it’s marking for the casters, fitting the braces/top attachment points, and then glue and finish. What an uplifting project to this point. Gives me confidence.

Now, there is the issue of drawers and drawer hardware. I’d really like to do full extension drawers, because they are so much nicer. I’ll have to look at what my budget is, though, because most likely I’ll have to buy at least some 1/2″ ply to make them all. I’m also hoping one of the leftover plywood scraps from the cuts will be big enough to be the drawer face for the systainers. I think I’ll cut one piece off of the other big piece of scrap and use it to make the faces for the drawer bank. The router door is TBD.


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