New router table base – Day 6

(Eighth day elapsed)

There was work done on the seventh day, but only just a minor thing. I marked where the new mortises needed to go in the base, plugged the old mortises and flush trimmed them. Not really enough to do a whole post over.

This evening I got back to it. I double-checked that the amount I needed to trim off the bottom and left back panels was 3/8″, and marked them both. Because the panels were way too wide to use with the MFT cross rail, I cleared off the table saw. However, the table saw wasn’t wide enough to cut it without trapping the cutoff against the fence. Dern. So I set up the panels on the MFT and used the bigger rail the other way. The cut was going to hang off the table, so I used the clamps and secured a backing piece to prevent tear out.

Once both panels were trimmed, it was time to put the edge banding back on. I had been worried about the cut, because it was going directly through the tenons. It didn’t turn out to be an issue. The edge was ironed on both panels and I broke the OF1010 back out to trim it up. This time, I used a bit with a a bearing, and it was a totally different experience. Much, much nicer. I adjusted it down to where the bearing just barely touched the plywood and it gave a very nice cut. I just touched it up with the block sander to finish it off and round the edge.


Panels back in one piece, I just had to plunge four (I thought earlier five) mortises in the bottom panel for the power switch panel, and this is the result after everything went back together for the dry fit:

IMG_20160226_194727828 IMG_20160226_194943675

Next time I’m out in the shop the whole thing comes apart and the LR32 system comes out. Then I make the top support pieces and install them, sand the whole thing down, glue and finish. Oh, I do need to cut the hole for the power switch before I put it back together.

Until the next day…

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