New router table base – Day 7

(Ninth day elapsed)

More errors today, and I can’t understand why. I know what happened, I just don’t know how it happened.

With all the parts corrected, I took everything apart and got the LR32 system out to make the drawer slide holes. What happened here was that for some reason the rail slipped on a couple of runs, even though everything was snugged up and clamped down. So my holes look seriously nasty in a few spots. Sigh. If that’s the worst that happens, I’ll be happy. I also only put rows of holes to the front of the cabinet, because I don’t have the longer slides at this time. Putting them in will still be pretty easy, having the front hole location done, and chances are I’ll have the next hole on the slide located. Worst case, I use the square to locate the back hole.

IMG_20160227_131446685 IMG_20160227_132639248

I started sanding all the pieces to 120 grit, and after I did the power switch panel I stopped. I decided I’d tackle the installation of the power switch right then and there. I used the OF1400 and a 1/2″ diameter mortise bit to take care of the opening.  I started to do it freehand, but remembered I had the edge guide. Taking it in passes along the outline I made of the switch, I slowly was able to cut out the right shape. I cut it a bit undersize, so the rasps came out to massage it a little bit bigger. It isn’t perfect, but it’s dang close. The only way I would have done better is if I had a pattern and used a pattern bit. Perhaps next time.

I finished sanding all the panels front, back, and some sides to 120 grit, then proceeded to put the entire table together. This was a bit stressful because of all the tenons going in different directions. Yet, it did indeed go all together after some fiddling, some massaging with the clamps, and some downright beating from the mallet. I had to cut one Domino because it wasn’t lining up for some reason. Otherwise, the joints are pretty good. One in the back corner has a bit of a gap toward the bottom for some reason, but not enough to worry about.

I then started putting a coat of ARS on, bottom first. I got quite a few parts of it done before I decided to retire for the evening. I neglected to take pictures toward the end of the day because I was in and out a bit, and at the end my hands were covered in ARS. Tomorrow (time permitting), I will steal two swivel casters from the miter saw. I have four casters available, but two are straight. I’ll put those on the miter saw just to keep it up until I make other plans for it. I’ll install those after I make a run to the hardware store for carriage bolts. Once it’s mobile, it will come down off the MFT and the old router table will be wheeled outside. I’ll quickly finish putting a coat of ARS on, install some top supports, and it will be ready for use. I’ll then have to really get on making drawers and getting any drawer slides I need.

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