New router table base – drawer boxes

A whirlwind day: from supply purchase to a near-finished product. The drawer boxes for the router table are done after several hours of work.

I took a trip to Lowe’s first thing this morning in the van to grab a sheet of 1/2″ plywood, the same kind as I built the base with. A 4×8 sheet of plywood does fit fairly well in the van, but it does require folding up all the rear seats. A pain if the van hasn’t been cleaned in awhile. But I got it home no problem and set it up on the Centipede Sawhorse to do the initial crosscuts.

I used Cutlist to tell me where I needed to cut, and after cutting out two sections for drawer bottoms, I was able to cut the remaining sections on the new table saw. It’s super easy to dial in where I need it to go, and I get a nice clean cut. My only issue with the saw thus far is the dust. With the entire sheet cut up into sections, it was time to take a break and collect my thoughts.

A little bit later, it was time to cut the sections into their respective pieces. I thought about using the table saw or miter saw for this, but the MFT and TS55 were the right choice. I was able to set the stop for 23.25″ for the drawer bottoms and cut all those to length. Then it was 23.75 for the drawer sides. Finally, it was 16″ for the front and backs. No problem.

Since I had a bit of 3″ width stock left over (smallest drawer height), I set out to check my measurements there. I used the Domino at 4mm to make the mortises. A dry fit with a short drawer slide confirmed I was good. Then I used the router table to cut the dado needed for the drawer bottom. I did a full dado on the shorter pieces, a stopped one on the longer sides. The first drawer was now installed, albeit on the shorter slide.

With the settings confirmed, it was time to batch out the remaining drawers, three 5″ tall and one 6″ tall. I found that when I used the actual depth drawer slides, it was pretty tight. But, they work fine. One 5″ and the 6″ drawer are on 3/4 vinyl slides temporarily. Because it changes where they line up, overlay fronts can’t happen until I order the full extension slides. Here I show how to use some systainers as stock support to more quickly secure the piece. Also note the stopped dados.

I now have fully operational drawers in the router table, and I have an absolute ton of storage room. So much so that a drawer or two might be completely empty at first. Although I did talk about putting some of the Festool router accessories in a drawer versus the systainers. It just gets too crowded in there. I’ll be out in the shop this morning seeing just what will fit where. I might add some temporary drawer pulls as well.


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