New shop – planning update

If you remember, there was a significant amount of paperwork difference to go from a 12×12 to a 12×16 space. The reason for that would be to ask for a zoning variance. Due to the rules involved, I had to ask for an estimate in doing a site plan to submit with my request. I got my answer – an eye-watering $800. Combined with the variance fee, that’s $1000 before I even get started. As you can imagine, I don’t feel it is ultimately worth it.

So, I think that definitively ends the quest for a bigger shop on this property. At this point, I’m slightly disenchanted with building another building of the same size. Yes, it will be better, but at what cost? My shop now has issues, but a majority can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of building new. It just wouldn’t be quite as easy. Part of me says that I’ve gone this far, I could finish the job. Part of me wants to start from scratch. None of me wants to spend money doing either.

For now, status quo rules.

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