New tool time

I considered filing this under the workbench, but since I did no work to it I’ve posted this separately.

While I was at Lowe’s this morning I picked up a 3/4″ auger bit for working on the dog holes. I knew I needed this to get through the thick leg and top, I didn’t have anything comparable. I plan to use my router and a guide, along with a 3/4″ bit to get the holes started exactly where I want them to be. I picked this up now because the front legs will have these same holes. I didn’t have a brace on hand, it I was able to find a mechanically sound one at an antiques store nearby for just $6. Needs some cosmetic attention, but nothing an electrolysis bath wouldn’t cure. I was hoping to find a three or four jaw brace, but this two jaw will have to do for the time being.


No work on the workbench for Saturday. Hopefully something will get done on Sunday.

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