New tool time!

Every workshop loves when it gets a new tool added, with the possible exception of if a tool is being replaced. There are those awkward goodbyes – ‘No, it should have been me!’ The uncomfortable goodbye parties – ‘So, you got me a cake and a $10 Starbucks card. Thanks.’ Not to mention the sad walk of shame.

But in this case the new tool has come to compliment the old one, not replace it.

While perusing Ryobi’s 40v lineup (apparently the 24v line they came out with last year just doesn’t cut it), I noticed that they had also came out with a new version of their 18v fan. Being a shop without permanent power, this has to be my second most used tool in terms of total run time.

The (now) old blue model has a nice slim profile when hanging on the wall, but that slim profile also makes running it against a wall impossible. It will run, but it doesn’t get the required airflow to actually move any cool air your way. It can be stood off the wall slightly, but you lose that advantage of thinness.

With the redesigned version, the shape is more like a sphere or an orb versus the ‘shirt box’ design the old one is. The new one can be hung up a few different ways and looks to retain airflow up against a wall. I hope to have some pictures and first impressions up tomorrow.

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