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I love when a package arrives. You’ve already purchased what you want, and now it’s just the anticipation of it arriving and opening it. Your shopping experience can be influenced entirely by the shipping process, and fair or not, that either enhances or clouds your opinion of the seller. Such is the reason why I am an Amazon Prime member. Free two-day shipping on almost everything, or I can get things the next day for $3.99. Yes, I do pay a membership fee, but since I came off of a student account I pay half the price of standard.

This time I don’t sing the praises of Amazon, but of Woodcraft. I ordered two more Groz planes, this time a #3 and #4, on Friday. I had the option of standard shipping or FedEx two-day. Since the price difference was significant, I opted for standard shipping. They showed up yesterday, approximately the same amount of time that the more expensive option would have. Now if I had sprung for the two-day, then I might be mad. But I didn’t, so I’m not. Good stuff.

I was hoping I’d get out to the shop today to clean them up, but I’m thinking that will happen instead tomorrow morning while it’s cool. I’ll have pics up shortly after of the ‘family.’

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