New workshop – Prologue 2: Expansion Boogaloo

Just when I think things are set, they change. This is a good change, though. I’ll be building a 12×16 shop. Not going to get into why, but it’s happening.

So, right now this is a two-front affair: prepping the ground for the base, and prepping the plans to see how much it will impact me. I’m still not set on the roof this thing is going to have, and I’ll have to get that sorted out by the time the plywood floor goes on.

The Sketchup is being worked on right now. In reality, the layout I have right now can be translated over to the larger space, just with a bit of freedom to move a couple things around. It’s only four more feet in one direction, it’s not a wholesale change. I just attempted to see if an offset door on the long side would work, and it does to some degree. If I don’t care about the miter saw, for instance. No, what will most likely happen is a continued riff on what is currently going on. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a better way to get things done in that small of a space.

In reality, though, it doesn’t matter much what the inside is doing. It is relevant a bit to electrical runs, but I can always add on an outlet at a spot I deem necessary.

Here is a look at the base, from underneath:

Real new shop base

I learned after this that the blocking/bridging needs to be done along the seam of where the plywood floor will go at the very least. I also learned that the plywood floor needs to run in one direction, opposite of the floor joists.

Here is the initial proposed layout

Real new shop Real new shop 3

In terms of what this adds, I can get a little more elbow room with the bandsaw and drill press. The outfeed of the BS goes above the lathe, which works. The drill press can gain a table by being integrated with the miter saw stand. It will have a removable insert in the MS stand so I can wheel the drill press out if I need to. I can move the workbench off of the back wall a bit so I can eventually install a face vise, and I also gain room to access the end vise. The workbench will eventually be built in a new style, so I’ll need room at both ends. I also pivot the chaos wall to gain a little more room on the MS/DP wall, but we’ll see.

Going ahead and setting a viable layout now also lets me visualize where the drops will be for the dust collector system, whatever it may be. I can have a drop right next to the lathe and bandsaw that will get anything from the lathe, BS, table saw, and router table. I’ll have another drop on the other side for the drill press and miter saw. Blast gates all around, obviously. The only question will be if I want the jointer, planer, and anything else I’ll wheel to the middle of the building essentially, hooking into the table saw line or the miter saw line. Why not both, I suppose. I could have the jointer hooked to one and the planer hooked to the other and not have to move stuff around if I had some back and forth boards to do. The CT Midi will either keep living under the MFT/3 or go up into the attic right above it. With a larger space I do want a longer hose, and I suppose I could always use the non-antistatic one I have.

I’m thinking there will be two windows, one on each long wall in the middle. I could get some nice cross-ventilation on the nicer days. I’m hoping the doors can have some sort of windows as well, plus the ability to open them up and keep the bugs out. Roll screening, most likely.

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